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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Motivation by Tunde Adebo: GRAVITY- Spit up and eventually the spit will end up on your head.

I once read about a story of a king who hired a carpenter to build houses for his subjects.The man's work pleased both the king and those who lived in the houses. Therefore the carpenter soon become wealthy from the king's generous fees.

One day , the carpenter reasoned," The king is paying me handsomely, yet I am the only one who knows the quality of the materials I use and the extra effort I take. From now on, I'll make the outside of the houses beautiful, but on the inside, I'll use materials that don't cost as much."

The Carpenter did exactly what he planed  and as he had anticipated, nobody knew that he was cutting corners and he became even more wealthy.

Sometimes later, the king asked the carpenter to build the finest house he had ever built. " Spare no expenses." The king said. This man was very happy because of the prospect of making more money. He used low- quality materials and sloppy workmanship. When he was finished, the king paid him for a first-rate job, and then said, "And now I give this house to you as a gift for all you have done."

After some days, the carpenter fell from the horse and broke his back. So, he could no longer practice his profession again. He later exausted all his money and had to depend on the rent from the house given to him by the king as a gift.
About ten years later when the man was sixty-eight years old, a strong wind blew, followed by a very heavy rain. Many buildings collapsed and the carpenter's house was not spared. His wife and  youngest daughter did not come out of the building alive.

The king and his subjects attributed this calamity to "the anger of the gods". They were not totally right since they did not know the gods. It was only the carpenter that was absolutely right. He knew the cause. He was the god! He later died in misery, poverty and regret a year later.

Think of yourself as the carpenter. Each action you take in a nail hammered, a board placed, or a wall erected ,constructs your future home. Your action today will either make or mar your future.

Build wisely. It is the only life you will ever build. Your life today is the result of attitudes and choices in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and choices you make today. 

Sometimes when you throw stones at others you injure yourself. A Yoruba proverb admonishes us not to throw stone into the market for some relative may be hit ( Yoruba is a language spoken in Western Nigeria).

We must learn to do other people's work the very way we would want ours done. We make happen to ourself what we make happen to others.
 What goes around not only comes around, but also stays around. Spit up and eventually the spit will end up on your head.