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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Date with Destiny with Tunde Adebo

Your self esteem is that deep down feeling you have about yourself, your opinion or the judgement of your own value - the extent to which you think you matter in life.

While some feel unique because of their figures, looks, environment and the likes, others feel inferior for the same reasons. It is the feeling that says 'I like myself' or 'I dislike myself' for a consideration of factors. A person with low self exteem believes that down is where he belongs. If invited up, he will give a list of reasons why up is not the place for him. Low self- exteem is a result of an acute oppression. If you invite a person  him to a nice place, he says " that's all right, you didn't have to do that." Buy him  something nice , he tells you that its too much. You didn't have to do it. He will try to refuse it but if you can get him to receive it, he will apologize for receiving it.

The mirror is man's best friend and his best invention. It gives him a true protrait of himself. Self image is like your self- portrait. It is who and what you imagine or picture yourself to be.
Psychologists have proved that you will most consistently perform in a manner that is in conformity with the image you have of yourself.
Interestingly, your self-image may be or may not be an accurate reflection of who you really are , rather it is how you perceive yourself to be.
Healthy self image is one of the key factors in the school of success and destiny. This is so important because you will probabaly speak, act and react as the person you think you are. To sing your song of destiny, you will need to have the right image and perception of yourself.
Some people have been told all their lives that they are nothing and would never amount to anything. After a while they also believe it. Once this happens they are in trouble because it will take only divine intervention for them to matter in life and play their unique music of destiny.

You must always remember that every man is created equally in God's image and likeness, and all are therefore inherently the same in value. No man can make you human. You were born so. Therefore no one has the right to assign value to you  - or to devalue you. Your value is not dependent upon what others think or say about you. It is inherent in who you are because of your creation by God.
If you see yourself as unqualified, insignificant, unattractive, inferior or inadequate, you will most of the times act in accordance with your thought. If your self-worth is low, you will imagine yourself as a born loser, a washout unworthy of being loved and accepted.                                                                                                                                 

Therefore, watch those words  that come from your mouth. ' I can never do anything right' 'Why me'; 'I will never amount to anything'. These are few of the words that dominate people of low esteem. They see
themselves as worthless nobodies with price lower than that of the sparrows and the grasses that fade away.
On the other hand, people who see themselves as God sees them are usually happy people. They know that they have been created in God's image and that He has crowned them with tremendous honour. They know that God has a purpose and a plan for them, and they would rather be who they are than being any other person on earth.

So, we can soar like an eagle or stumble like a chicken. We can meow like a kitten or roar like a lion. We can howl like a wolf or squeak like a mouse. It's up to us. We are what we believe we are. Sometimes our self image can be likened to the story of Tarzan who grew up with monkeys. Though it had the features of a man, it possessed the mentality of monkey; consequently, it acted like one. So, what matters most is not who we are but who we think we are.

I challenge you to discover and have a positive image of yourself. Believe you are unique and that God created you for a purpose.This is the only way you can recover from the mental torture that your wrong perception has brought upon your life.


Anonymous said...

Nice write up!!! In love with this.... Looking forward for more of this...