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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The 2010 edition of the future awards young person of the year is back again, and the nominees are:
1.      Genevieve Nnaji, 31                            – Actor
2.      Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu, 28                – Advocate
 3.      Uche Eze , 26                                   – Entrepreneur
4.      Psquare, 29                                       – Artiste
5.      Ojoma Ochai, 29                                – Intrapreneur
6.      Michael Ajere (Don Jazzy), 29               – Entrepreneur
7.      Nneka, 29                                          – Artiste
8.      Debo Olaosebikan, 25                         – Scientist
9.      Blessing Okagbare, 22                         – Artiste
10.  Makinde Adeagbo, 25                            – Innovator

Genevieve Nnaji - Actress 

Genevieve Nnaji is an international star, representing the very best that Nollywood has to offer, and one of the best faces that the country can present to the world. The 31 year old multiple-award winning actress, who has been so credited on CNN and Oprah, is a global role model.

Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu – Advocate

Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, 28, has received global acclaim for his work with communities in South-eastern Nigeria where he has promoted sustainable agricultural development and environmental conservation beneficial to rural poor farmers, with recognition that includes becoming a Laureate of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise – Young Laureates Program 2010.

Uche Eze – Entrepreneur

Known by her famous brand, Eze is a pioneer in every sense of the word. is now the gold standard for online media and others can now do it because the 26 year old dared to quit her job in Corporate Nigeria to champion New Media innovation – becoming a TEDAfrica Fellow in the process, and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and on CNN International

Psquare – Artiste

Across Africa, the 29 year old twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye have become huge superstars showing what Nigeria is capable of, winning everything from the $1 million Kora All Africa Music Award prize to a multi-million naira telecom endorsement deal.

Ojoma Ochai – Enterpreneur

Ojoma Ochai has distinguished herself with a storied career at the British Council, rising through the ranks to become, at 29, the Assistant Country Director for the international culture organisation, becoming a powerful symbol – in a country with a now-pervasive celebrity culture – that one can stay within and still shine bright and make a mark.

Don Jazzy – Entrepreneur

Born Michael Ajere, the almost mythical Don Jazzy is a now-legendary Nigerian music entrepreneur. With Mo-Hits, the 29 year old has done nothing less than revolutionized Nigerian music and the capacity of the Nigerian music industry, creating a string of stars including D’banj, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, and D’prince. 

Nneka – Artiste

No one saw her coming! 29 year old Nneka Egbuna arrived in Nigeria from the world and soon went back to conquer it, becoming one of Nigeria’s most prominent global voices, winning the BET Awards and performing across the world.

Debo Olaosebikan – Scientist

25 year old Olaosebikan (also a rapper under the stage name Levelz!) is currently completing a PhD in Physics at Cornell University where he is working on the world’s first silicon laser with Dr. Michal Lipson, one of the world’s leading Nanophotonics pioneers, groundbreaking research that will introduce the world to an era of much more faster computer processes.

Blessing Okagbare – Athlete

22 year old Okagbare has been referred to as one of 2010’s most important athletes in the continent. A long and triple jumper and short sprinter, the Olympics medallist scored a 100 m/long jump double at the NCAA Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championship for University of Texas at El Paso, and won the Nigerian 100 m title in 2010.

Makinde Adeagbo – Innovator

Facebook has changed the world, and 25 year old Adeagbo is one of its frontrunners. A Software Enginner with the company for four years, amongst other things the whiz-kid is famous for being part of a 2-man team responsible for reducing over 1 MB of Javascript to 2 KB, making the site load twice as fast worldwide.

by Bukchris is just congratulating all the nominees and I hope they have a big one. We can just hope to be like them or even better. 


Money Laundering: EFCC Probes Chris Oyakhilome and other top Church officials of Christ Embassy.

Pastor Chris Oyahilome
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has disclosed that it is investigating some officials of Christ Embassy and its founder Rev. Chris  Oyakhilome, over money laundering.

EFCC’s spokesman, Mr. Femi Babafemi, in a telephone interview yesterday, disclosed  that Oyakhilome and some officials of his ministry are being investigated over $35  million that was illegally moved out of the country.

Babafemi said no arrest has been made, but investigation is still going on. Details about the illegal transactions were sketchy as at press time. P.M.NEWS gathered further that Oyakhilome and some prominent members of his church  had been placed under surveillance by the EFCC.

The probe, it was learnt, has sent shock waves to members of the church across the  world, and many of the nominal members, who were allegedly used in the money  laundering scheme, are now scrambling for safe havens. The 59-year old pastor and his ministry had faced many controversies in recent  years, bothering on preaching falsehood.

Oyakhilome has been accused of staging healing sessions attended by thousands who  give money to the ministry hoping to be healed by the pastor. He has also been  accused of planting people in the crowd to promote his healing powers.

The pastor has also been accused of offering congregants who attend his school of  healing money to act as if they are sick and then heals them at his “Night of Bliss”  programmes. The ministry has been accused of coercing its members to make large donations to the  church even though they are poor.

Church members regularly donate large sums of money and materials to the church as  they are told they will be rewarded by God. This has led to a number of members losing their possessions as they default on  other payments in order to finance the lifestyle of leaders in the church.

An organisation, Treatment Action Campaign, also accused Oyakhilome of preaching  falsehood on claims to heal life threatening diseases such as HIV.

Source: PM News.

Monday, November 29, 2010

KilonSparkles?: LWKMD! Advanced yahoo-yahoo...such a HOT MESS!

KilonSparkles?: LWKMD! Advanced yahoo-yahoo...such a HOT MESS!

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M.I 2 The wait is finally over

LEAD SINGLE – Undisputed
PRODUCTION – Rytchus Era Productions
GUEST ARTISTES – 2Face Idibia, Bola, Brymo, Flavor, Iceprince, Jesse Jagz, Julius Ceaser, Loose Kaynon, M.I, Praise, Ruby, Timaya, Waje
RECORD LABEL/DISTRIBUTION – Chocolate City Records/AHBU Ventures

It has been a rollercoaster ride from MI’s ’08 classic debut Talk About It to his oft-delayed second coming MI2. At certain times, it felt as though the gimmicky emcee had deserted the amusement park all together, leaving the public all by themselves to speculate when the journey will end, if ever.
False starts, leaked music and lukewarm singles were only one half of the story, newly-acquired adversaries (Iceberg Slim and Kelly Hansome) and a public falling-out with erstwhile manager Godwin Tom formed the other, giving the run-up to MI2 a soap opera-like feel. So, I guess it’s only fitting then that M.I’s highly-anticipated sophomore set evolved to become a collection of sixteen conceptual songs that follow a movie theme, albeit loosely.

MI2 starts off with a warning of sorts– ‘the following movie is rated TB – Toh Bad!’ Barely ten seconds in and it’s apparent that hilarity will be one of this album’s primary themes. Sometimes the mirthfulness is overt – like when M.I laces the chaotic Craze with a fittingly schizophrenic chorus, while on songs like the tropical island-influenced My Head My Belle, he employs a more subtle approach at humourHowever, it’s a testament to Mr. Abaga remaining true to his conscious rap roots that even when MI2 is at its most humorous, he doesn’t fail to pass a message between the quips. But don’t be misled though; sugar-coating the truth has never been M.I’s M.O. On Wild Wild West, he paints a harrowing picture of the streets of the new Jos – a town still close to his heart, ‘orphans, coffins, bastards, caskets, mass burials… How are we going to get past this?’ M.I. is livid about the anarchy in Plateau, going as far as threatening to send a bullet through the skull of any instigator he finds but holds back at the last minute, more violence isn’t the answer.

M.I includes a 10 minute-long song on this opus, Imperfect Me, where his close friends take turns to share what they perceive to be M.I’s faults and one recurring complaint was his haughtiness. The other was M.I’s vengefulness and while listening to MI2, it’s not exactly hard to ‘hear’ why. MI’s ego looms large over the entire project, he taps up Flavor to sing his praises to the hi-life heavens on Number One, an exercise he repeats onUndisputed, only this time MI did all the chest-thumping by himself.  Then there’s the vindictive MI who simply refuses to get over Iceberg Slim and Kelly Hansome’s taunting, proceeding to give both men a proper dressing-down on Beef.

Ironically, two of M.I’s biggest perceived weaknesses only make this album all the more enjoyable, there’s something oddly-fascinating about a short man who reached for the heights and eventually ascended to the summit of Nigerian hip-hop, yet still takes the time to send rocks aimed at him back from whence they came. However, that’s not to say the project is without flaw. M.I prides himself as a rapper who doesn’t need to water-down his rhymes in order to connect with the masses, but on MI2 he backpedals a bit, at times simplifying his bars to the point where even a blonde baby suffering from Down’s Syndrome and on cough syrup would feel her intelligence was being insulted – ‘anybody way vex, I no send them cos dem no be text.’ Really, M.I? Wow… Just wow. And yes, there are more lazy metaphors where that came from.

It was a Herculean task asking M.I to repeat the genius of his classic album TAI, that album had one thing this one could never have – freshness. With M’s feature verses in the last two years enough to make 2 albums by themselves, MI2 was dead on arrival in that regard. However, on MI2 M.I showed a willingness to expand his sound, collaborating with artistes outside his comfort zone like Timaya and Flavor, toying with singing in patois and crucially, experimenting with an ingenious way to present music to the public. Not quite a perfect album but MI2’s creativity has the potential to transform the landscape of contemporary Nigerian music in the years to come.


Coiled out of NET (Nigerian Entertainment Today)[] 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pictures 4rm Ibadan’s most anticipated Parry….. Swag Definition… @ Koko Dome

Hello Trends hope you had a good week end?…… I did, it was very eventful for me. Did you read my post some time ago about the most anticipated party in Ibadan “SWAG DEFINITION” by COLD ENT. one of Lead City’s leading rave clubs, if you did not read the post you can do that now by CLICKING HERE .
Am here with pictures from the event which got the whole of Ibadan grooving…… Just sit back and have fun looking @ what you all missed…
From the Party b4 the Parry…(Pre- party)….Enjoy


Free BBQ for All

Dynamix On TV doing their thing
Now for the main the main

Bukchris & Sophia

100_0533 - Copy (3)
Fast Forward Crew
100_0527 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy
Tolu & Jide


Alex and Kenny

Yomi, Alex & Akeem 
Moet/Rose for all



Kenny & Tola Cold
More bottles and still Counting
J-boy & friend

J-boy hmmmmmmmmm

What you think about the party? Drop a comment……. Till then “keep TRENDING”…