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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nigeria @ 50........ Celebrating 50yrs of Independence

Nigeria @ 50......................

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shocker: Nigeria's FG Approves N927 ($6.3m) for Abuja Waste Bin

The Federal Government, on Wednesday, approved the purchase of 60,000 units of British Waste Bins at N927,600,000, to maintain a clean and healthy environment in Abuja. Na wa o!!! This information was made known by Nigeria's Information minister Prof. Dora Akunyili to the  Federal Executive Council meeting, presided over by Vice-Presideant Namadi Sambo on wenesday.
Please the question is what kind of dust bin are they buying? As in is it Gold dust bin or what?
I pray God touch the lives of all this our leaders who have the interest of their pockets and not of the people. Please this country produces waste bin too now, they said here the one we produce are not of high standards, please whose fault? They should be ashamed of themselves for saying the waste bins produced in Nigeria are not of good qulity. At least that money can go into that sector to improve the quality of waste bins produced in Nigeria. 
I hope these people start thinking with their brains and start to spend huge amounts of money in house instead of enriching the economy of another well developed country.
Trends this a sad situation, we need a revolution in this our dear country. Public looting of tax payers money is too much. Keep Trending back.

Crazy Pictures I saw On Facebook

Hello Trends, Todays trend is all about the CRAZY pictures have come across on the internet. Enjoy the humor in them, laugh out hard and keep a big smile on your face. 

Wonders would never end

Hello who said Fashion is only for humans

Watching another Chicken in  the oven
One Day!! 

It's only in Naija I know Nokia makes shoes
I wonder how dats going to fit.
Oshodi in the days

Imagine you getting this as a present.
WOW.. What a ride

Jackson on the Niaja Note
Niaja Boyz get a copy
Play Station open for suggestions

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.... 
Happy Trending............ Trend back here again.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nigerian Police

Typical Nigerian Police In Action

Hello Trends, Wow being a while, thinking of what to write. Well stumbled on a picture on Facebook and I just said to myself I have to put this up here. Hmmm Nigerian Police. Take a good look at the picture above. To a typical Nigerian it's not new. It tells a lot of stories about our police force. To those of you who are not Nigerian please don't think they were celebrating something or it's just some advert or just a picture, the police men there are busy hailing the owner of the jeep so as to get some bribe or tip off instead of inspecting vehicles and making sure the roads are safe for use. "Hmmmm Man must chop now".

These one are even better, the other day I was in a car from Lagos to Ibadan and we got to a police check point, the police man simply demanded for his usual bribe but i think the driver did not want to give him so he waved his gun in the air and said " see this thing o!!! No be for play I go shoot you if you no give me" We the passengers in the car just shouted please give him his money 0! (Bribe) before the police man let us go.
Doing their thing as usual

I also noticed that with commercial bus vehicles, the police men give them numbers so they know the ones that has paid and the ones that are yet to pay. some even ask the bus drivers to pack come down and ask the drives to go and see their supervisor who would be sitting comfortably in their car. On getting there he pays the money(Bribe) and signs a book that he has paid his own.

Let me stop here o!! before my mouth puts me inside trouble.!!! Please keep Trending for more interesting stories.....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

WHAT IS by BUKCHRIS...... An insight into what by Bukchris is all about

Hello Trends am here again o!!!!I wanted to write about fitness but it occurred to me that I have not written about what "by Bukchris" is all about and a lot of questions have come in about who by BUKCHRIS is.  Well by Bukchris is a brand in the making and that was why I changed the name from BUKCHRIS to "by BUKCHRIS" to remove the confusion. The brain behind by Bukchris is Onanuga Bukonla Chris (Bukchris). Now you all know where the name came from. 

I developed the name about five years ago, only God knew what I was thinking of when I developed the name. But now I know what by Bukchris is all about and i plan to develop it into a multi national brand fifteen years from now. I plan on using aggressive marketing strategies, advertising as well as doing controversial things to draw media attention for free media publicity. On my plans for the nearest future of by Bukchris, I foresee the brand making waves in Estate, Aviation, Fashion, Media, Retail, Telecoms, and computing.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Alex Folzi Brand......... The force behind

The Alex Folzi Logo.

I came across the Alex Folzi brand on facebook way back 09/10, If I can recall it was the first post on my home page so I clicked on it and all I did was marveled at such a distinct concept. Only for me to know again that this Alex Folzi brand was stated by two boys I went to school with. 

Alex Folzi is a brand started by the Fagbure Twins I featured last week on Trend. The brand is inspired by vintage looks of the Military as well as the European and American culture. 

Alex Folzi Brand of brief Cases 
Well I was able to secure an exclusive interview with Fela one of the twins, enjoy it below:-

TRENDS:- How did you come about Alex folzi, the concept and the logo?
ALEX FOLZI:-  It was last year back in December after a trip from New York we decided to start this company because we had so many designs already drawn on paper. So we figured out why don’t we make it a reality by making what we already have drawn on paper exists. The company was founded January 2010 and then Registered/branded April this year.

There is a lot to know about the logo. Here is the definition of our logo

• Nature loving: -the flowers on the letters “AF” (note: - the "AF" stands for Alex Folzi) stands for nature as well as the leaf on the eagle's right wing. It represents our freedom of expression and our passion for fashion.

• Fashion oriented: - The boot on the eagle’s leg expresses style. 

• Photography: - the eagle is known as the bird with the sharpest eye in the sky. So we decided to portray the eye as the lenses of a camera and as we know a camera is the eye for fashion. 

• Vintage: - Milan and Paris has always been known for the vintage old and beautiful structural building. So we decided to use that to represent vintage.

• Classy and elegant: - the eagle is known as the leader of the sky. So we decided to use the eagle to represent classy and elegant.

• Four major cities of fashion: - London, Milan, New York, and Paris are the four major cities of fashion. So we decided to portray them as a street coming together connecting to the shield to form strength and unity. 

• Strength: - the shield and the eagle are represented as strength.

Interior of Alex Folzi Brand of Suit Case

TRENDS:- Being only 19, how do you both manage your time between school,      entrepreneurship and modeling?
ALEX FOLZI:- Its pretty tough I must say. But with determination, hard work and God all is possible. We rely most on our planned schedule though and so far it’s been very good to us I must say lol. 

TRENDS:- From the Omo Naija side of it, African parents discourage their children especially their male children from going into fashion, how did your parents react when you told them you wanted to go into fashion and modelling? 

ALEX FOLZI:- I have always been interested in fashion while growing up. So it wasn’t a surprise when I started modeling or when I told them I was going to open my own fashion line. My folks are easy going people though lol. So they pretty much went with the flow. 

Alex Folzi Stunning Suit Cases

TRENDS:- If you were asked to define fashion what would be ur definition?

ALEX FOLZI:- Fashion is simply trend. People often mistake fashion for style. I would say, "Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess." 

TRENDS:- How successful is your brand? And what do you have in stock for the future of the brand?

ALEX FOLZI:- It’s been sky rocketed so far. Very impressed with the out come I must say. Within a short period of time, we have achieved a lot and have been supported by family, friends and fans. WE are currently working on new designs and projects for our next collection and if I must say, its going to be a huge one. We are ready to shake the ground lol.

TRENDS:- Word out their to your fans and upcoming models out there?

ALEX FOLZI:- There is a lot more than the reflection you see of your self in the mirror. Anything you set your mind too, you would achieve. God bless!

Alex Folzi set of Suit Cases
Alex Folzi on Facebook

Alex Folzi's commitment to Fashion 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

POLITICS: Ogun governor says not desperate over N100bn bond......Political Dogs

Governor of Ogun State.

Hello Trends, I was listening to the news and I heard something funny, The Governor of Ogun State came out boldly yo justify his N100b bond. My people please this man has less than 4 months in office and is asking for N100b, Sounds like a consolation price for himself and his political dogs o!!.  Hello was it not about two weeks ago they sacked and impeached the speaker of the house of Assembly with some other members just because they refused to approve the bond. Wait that not all the formal speaker of the house Hon. Titi Oseni who they removed some time ago was asked to come back to the house and the bond was approved right away the very same day. Please something smells fishy here...
The annoying gist I now heard that the governor himself now had the effrontery to come out publicly to alter from the four fore-cal points of his dirty mouth that

"We are not Desperate over N100b bond"

I think he wants us to believe it or does he think he is talking to a bunch of "IDIOTS"? Okay if they are not desperate then why did they have to impeach the members of the house who opposed the bond?

People we need to wake up to this people and let them know that they are there to serve our interest and not their pockets. 

Trend here again as I would be updating you all when more gist gets here. If you want to read further click here . 

Trends have to stop here till then keep trending my blog.............

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nigerian Parties or should I say Gestz2gera.......... Enjoy

Hello Trends, today am featuring different  Nigerian parties I attended this summer. I occurred to me to feature the parties to expose them parties to the world.  Enjoy reading the blog:

Party preparations
The Main Party

That was an open air party held in the city of Ijebu-Ode south west Nigeria. The next pictures would be parties held in lekki Phase 1 lagos south west Nigeria.