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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Berry Chat vs Nokia Ovi Chat

Hello once again, just got to the office and what came to my mind was the current crave for mobile chat (Chating from your mobile phone). Am going to be focusing on the two most poplar types of mobile IM clients which are the Blackberry pin to pin IM and the Ovi from Nokia. 

The blackberry IM popularly known as "pinging" has become popular among business class people as well as students in both secondary and universities. In fact this trend among student is increasing like wild fire and for me it's annoying the way people go about using their blackberries to ping even in a dark night club. Okay have being in situations where by am meeting someone for the first time and instead of asking for my phone number they were like "whats your pin?". Crazy isit? ... I also found out that the black berry IM is quite expensive to run, as a typical Nigerian network charges N5000 a month that is N60000/ $461.54 per year.

On the other hand Ovi chat from the stables of Nokia, Finland, has being introduced by Nokia to most of their mobile phones to enable Nokia to Nokia chat services. Unlike the BB chat, Nokia Ovi chat does not need any special subscription, all you need to do is to log into the application from  your mobile device and you are all set up to start charting as long as you have your normal credit loaded. For me I use Ovi and all I do is to subscribe for a bundle with my network provider which cost me about N1500 per month that is N18000/$138.5 per year.

Well am not criticizing any of the chat applications  all just trying to enlightening people on the mobile IM's available to pick from. 

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Monday, August 30, 2010


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