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Friday, October 22, 2010

GIST ME..............

Hello TRENDS, wow feels good to be blogging again after such a long time. Well am back with some hot gist for you all..............


Zimbabwean big brother finalist to get $300,000 from Mugabe.


A group of president Robert Mugabe's rich allies say voting was not "free and fair" in Big Brother Africa - and have promised to pay Zimbabwe's losing housemate £191,000 in compensation ($300,000). WOW his he not so lucky? for more of it CLICK HERE .


 Hip-hop artist Katy Perry is set to get married on Saturday in India to British lover Russel Brand. I heard it's going to be a very romantic wedding with Katy riding in on an elephant and he guest of 75 have been booked in luxury hotels not too far from the venue. For more of the story CLICK HERE .


 The city of Akure is going to rock coome this saturday on the 23rd of october 2010, as it would be hosting the second edition of Miss Omolewa and the very first Mr. Ideal 2010. For more information on all the juicy story CLICK HERE .

That would all for now TRENDS so keep up with TRENDS for more of my GIST ME!!!!!!!! Keep TRENDING...........


Monday, October 4, 2010

THANK YOU ALL for the Birthday Wishes

Hello TRENDS, a very big thank you to all of you who wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You all made my day........ THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!
For those of you who forgot to wish me a happy birthday, all the same thank you too.

Let me also use this avenue to introduce TRENDS by Bukchris.......... It's my blog started by me...... I talk of different things TRENDING here and love to feature lots of people who are doing well for themselves......
Enjoy going through my blog and if you like it you can follow it or just simply comment on a post you like.........

Once again thank you all for the birthday wishes, God bless you all and may you all live to see your own birthdays too. Amen......................

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are 50yrs Old.................LIGHT UP NIGERIA.....

Nigeria is 50yrs and yet electricity supply is still very epileptic. Remember when we used to shout UP NEPA and DOWN NEPA lol.... Me I shouted it too when i was small, but these days I hardly hear anyone shout it again because we all tired of it.
Nigeria is the 7th largest oil producer in the world yet one of the poorest producers of electricity anywhere on the globe. New businesses start and you have to plan for double the amount of start up capital simply because you have to find alternative source of power supply if not you just watch the business go down the drain.

Well I came across a group called "LIGHTUPNIGERIA" and I decided to blog about it since my blog reaches out to a lot of people around the world. According to the description the group gave on their facebook page, "LightUpNigeria is a movement advocating for constant electric power to Nigerian homes and businesses. For over 3 decades, due to a combination of the failure of government, corruption and sabotage, electricity supply to the Nigeria people has been inconsistent and abysmal. Lightupnigeria is targetting its advocacy at the Federal, State and Local governments to make sustainable power generation and supply a priority. LightUpNigeria is not a political campaign or organization"

Why not join light up Nigeria's facebook page and pour out your opinions about lighting up Nigeria because we are tired of buying diesel and petrol to fuel generators. Even pepper women self now can afford generator. Ever one spends their profits on alternative source of power generation in Nigeria.

One day my prayer is to have a Nigeria with stable electricity supply because behind every business there must be energy to drive it.

TRENDS have to rest my case here.. Like I always say Trend back here again..........