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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

42-year old Nigerian panel beater redesigns Volkswagen Beetle

When the citizens consider their government to be corrupt, they lack the logic of productivity. I know Nigerians can be smart and innovative, and I always feel happy when I see someone doing something positive.

Anyways in case you're wondering, this is a locally redesigned Volkswagen beetle which was displayed at the 12th edition Abuja car show. The producer/designer is Mr. Mohammed Modibbo, a 42 yr old panel beater from Benue state. It took him 2 yrs to finish pimping this ride AKA Modibbo Wagen, turning the traditional two door beetle to a four door.

Hear him,”It was adapted from the Volkswagen Beetle. But because it is longer than the ordinary Beetle, I had to do some adjustment to the pedal, the clutch and gear selector. I used the doors of two Volkswagen cars for the vehicle. The size of the car has also been increased. And the engine capacity is also changed to that of a Danfo bus.

Due to the increase in the weight and size of the car, it needs extra engine to move it well. The car is therefore built with 1.6litre engine. It is 100 percent safe. I can even remove my hands from the steering when driving for some minutes to show its stability. I had done some perfection on the tyre alignment before assembling other parts.”


biola said...

omg...dats wonderful...hp he gets support from the government...wldnt mind ownin one maself totally love!!!

bukchris said...

I hope the Govt. does. but u know this is nigeria, the govt is insensitive to things like this