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Friday, July 8, 2011

Record Company Ejects Flavour N'abania From 7 Bedroom Duplex

Following the recent fall out between Flavour and his Bad Beats record label, the label has ejected the crooner from the posh 7 bedroom duplex they rented in his name somewhere in Magodo, Lagos. Flavour has since moved to a temporary place in Festac.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the label told reporters that were not yet done with Flavour: "This is just the beginning of the legal battle. We are in a civil society and have laws governing every facet. When people disregard contracts, the legal system is there to restore justice and we are fully prepared to seek a redress in the court of law" he said.

Flavour and Bad Beats records signed a 3 years 2 album deal on the 12th of January 2011, and the label claims to have spent close to N10 million on him. They claim they bought him a posh car, fully furnished apartment, paid for two very expensive videos and lots more. And so, they are not planning to let him go just like that...!