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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lead City University: 300Level Computer Information Science and Computer Economics Students Stages Protest...

Today was like every other normal day in Lead City University until about 9:30am when students in 300L staged a protest in the examination hall. (I was part of them)

The paper that was scheduled to take place was CSC317 (Modelling and Simulation).

Trouble broke out when the questions that were brought out were not in line with what the lecturer had said he would bring out. A total of about 108 questions were given out.

Questions included Java programs, Matlab Programs, C++, C#, Numerical computations, and a host of other mathematical nonsense that had never been taught by the lecturer.

Everyone just got up, submitted blank answer sheets and walked out of the hall.

It took the intervention of the VC, Registrar, Dean, HOD, Faculty Manager and Director of Exams and Records to restore order back to the vicinity.

However, the exam has been rescheduled to take place 9AM Saturday the 16th 2011. Also another set of questions would be printed out in line with what has been taught in the classroom.