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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: THE EXPERIENCE Lagos 2010

Lagos, December 3rd 2010: The event Africa had been waiting for…The Experience 2010 finally came… and what a night it was!

Convened and hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, The Experience is an Interdenominational Gospel concert that features some of the best-known musical talents of our time. This year's event from my own estimations saw a crowd of over one million people.

The Event ran through the night starting at 7.00pm and running till 6am the following morning a colossal 11 hrs of uninterrupted prayer and live music!

At its inception, the Experience was simply an opportunity for Nigerians to put aside tribe, tongue, class, and creed; come together and lift one voice and worship God. Amazingly the event than has become much more than the organizers could ever have imagined. In four years it has become a global phenomenon, the world’s largest gospel music concert and the largest musical event in Africa. The Experience is seen as a bridge of reconciliation and a beacon of light and hope to the much afflicted and often maligned continent of Africa.

Attended by Federal and State dignitaries, In particular Mr. Babatunde Fashola, the executive Governor of Lagos State gave a welcoming address. In his speech, Fashola praised the organizers of the experience and also stressed the economic impart of such an event to the development of the state and also urged every Nigerian to see one another as brothers and sisters regardless of religious views. He also gave an assurance that the Lagos State Government has and would always be in the interest of the people and also called on every Nigerian to Register and Vote in the coming elections. Also in attendance were Captains of Industry and your regular man and woman next door, The Experience 2010 was truly representative of a cross section of Nigeria’s eclectic community.

Over 15 front line Churches and Christian organizations in Nigeria endorse the event which has also featured reputable Ministers of the gospel like Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop David Oyedepo, Apostle Anselm Madubuko and more.

This year’s event featured Panam Percy Paul, Fred Hammond, Phil Driscoll, Judy Jacob, Don Moen, Papa San, Mary Mary, Mike Aremu, Sammy Okposo, Micah Stampley, Israel Houghton and Chevelle Franklyn.

Enjoy pictures from the event below and so sorry for the low quality of them. I used my ordinary digital camera to take them.

Cross Section of the Crowd

LCU Students

Lead City University was also Present

More LCU peps

Bukchris (In Blue) was present

LCU Chapel workers

Till I post again, KEEP TRENDING...............