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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OMO GETTO; Another Rubbish Movie

"Lanre I have something for you, take this movie and go and watch it. It's your CHRISTMAS FILM, go and learn a lesson from it"

Okay am sure you must be wondering who said all this by now. It was no other person than my DAD lol... Lanre is my little brother.

So this evening I saw the movie and I decided to watch it. Hmmm the movie is beyond boreing..... I tried watching it up to disk three as you know niaja movies can have disk one to ten if possible.. and to be honest I did not see the point of the movie.. Just a waste of time.

And Jenifa (Funke Akindele) you failed in this movie as far as am concerned. Am a big fan, but the energy you put into this movie was rubbish. Seen your other movies like EBURE, WHITE HUNTERS, JENIFA and others and you carried us along in the movies but in ths one you failed to.

So if you see the movie around, Please don't waste your money buying it, it's just an advice sha o!!!


Marillochic said...

i want to see it and confirm if its rubbish..i like Funke Akindele so much and love her movies...wen I watch mine,I can then tell you if u re right or wrong ..hmm but the advert was intersting and funny..nwys till I watch fem la bush bros! lol

bukchris said...

Well don't say u did not read it on trends... I warned you..