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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nigerian Police

Typical Nigerian Police In Action

Hello Trends, Wow being a while, thinking of what to write. Well stumbled on a picture on Facebook and I just said to myself I have to put this up here. Hmmm Nigerian Police. Take a good look at the picture above. To a typical Nigerian it's not new. It tells a lot of stories about our police force. To those of you who are not Nigerian please don't think they were celebrating something or it's just some advert or just a picture, the police men there are busy hailing the owner of the jeep so as to get some bribe or tip off instead of inspecting vehicles and making sure the roads are safe for use. "Hmmmm Man must chop now".

These one are even better, the other day I was in a car from Lagos to Ibadan and we got to a police check point, the police man simply demanded for his usual bribe but i think the driver did not want to give him so he waved his gun in the air and said " see this thing o!!! No be for play I go shoot you if you no give me" We the passengers in the car just shouted please give him his money 0! (Bribe) before the police man let us go.
Doing their thing as usual

I also noticed that with commercial bus vehicles, the police men give them numbers so they know the ones that has paid and the ones that are yet to pay. some even ask the bus drivers to pack come down and ask the drives to go and see their supervisor who would be sitting comfortably in their car. On getting there he pays the money(Bribe) and signs a book that he has paid his own.

Let me stop here o!! before my mouth puts me inside trouble.!!! Please keep Trending for more interesting stories.....


Temitope said...

Bukchris... This is very, very funny!!

It's the horrible truth as well!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Wow it's grimy like that huh?

bukchris said...

Ninjaiden78 it's critical