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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exciting Google Tricks to Try Out

Thanks to Uberfacts I learned some exciting tricks one can perform using the Google home page such as making the home page to collapse as if been pulled down by gravity and two other tricks.

The first trick is called Google Gravity this one collapses the Google home page as if gravity acted on it. All you need to do it to type "google gravity" into the search box and click 'I'm feeling lucky' instead of the 'search' and what you would see is this

The next trick is called Google Sphere and is even more exciting than Google gravity. This trick causes your Google home page to revolve anti clockwise and can be achieved by typing 'Google Sphere' into your Google home  page and clicking I'm feeling lucky.

The next trick is called Barrel Roll. This trick makes your Google search results to flip around 360 degrees. This can be achived by typing 'Do a barrel roll' into the search box just click search and wait for about 30secs.

Find out many more exciting tricks by CLICKING HERE .