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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video Evidence Of Election Fraud In South-South Nigeria.

I said it!! The PDP is a party of rouges... Just saw the video somewhere and  I just had to share it.
"The woman in red is Baridi Naleloo, PDP women leader Ward 4 B-Dere and a staff of Gokana local government working for Mr. Victor Giadom chairman of the council and a cousin of Hon. Magnus Abe. Woman thumb printing is Barivure a staff of University of Science and technology, Port Harcourt and a PDP member."

As you can see from the video the fat woman is busy thumb printing and she has another woman there looking out for her. Sure they must have told the voters that materials were not enough or it has not arrived...

SHAME SHAME on all PDP members including Mr. Goodluck and Sambo....