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Friday, April 29, 2011

EDO Rainmakers Also Invited to the Royal Wedding

Unconfirmed reports reaching TRENDS by Bukchris has it that famed rainmakers from Edo State in Nigeria have been invited to England to attend the Royal wedding.

Despite what some have descried as the rude snubbing of Nigerian big men like GoodLuck and the Nigerian Ambassador to England, the House of Windsor has invited the Edo State indegenes to the wedding ceremony of their Prince William to his Kate Middleton, and even made arrangements to accommodate them in Windsor Castle.

It is also being reported that said rainmakers will be offered full British citizenships if the skies over England refuse to let fall their rain over the duration of the Royal wedding.

Speaking to reporters after he picked up his multiple-entry visa affixed passport from the British embassy in Lagos, the leader of the rainmakers, one Osarobo Enogie, said:

"Yes, we have all of us been invited to come there and checkmate any attempt for the rain to descend down that day."
And so it is that a band of sorcerers will be representing Nigeria at the Royal wedding. While some have called this an insult on Nigeria as a nation, others are just grateful that the invitation wasn't given to the First Lady instead.