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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet 5yrs old Dyson Kilodavis, a Self Proclaimed "Princess Boy"

Cheryl Kilodavis was stunned when her young son first insisted on wearing a dress. Now she has published a book about him, in a bid to teach critics to accept his differences. 

For most young boys, dressing up as Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear would be the stuff of fancy dress fantasy.  

But not so for five-year-old Dyson Kilodavis, from Seattle, who insists on wearing dresses worthy of a Disney princess.

Naturally, his parents, Cheryl and Dean Kilodavis, were concerned that this could make him an easy target for bullies, and when the tendency first emerged, his mother tried to deter him.

But after several unsuccessful attempts, she decided that it was not her son, but his critics that needed to change, and she has now published a picture book about how there is nothing wrong with the way he chooses to dress.

'I printed a prototype of my book at a local copy centre and used it as a tool to share my feelings........... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE