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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nigerian Police in show of shame in Lagos lol......

Hello TRENDS, I always do not blog on weekends but i caught this on

When we have normal police, they are out to ensure law and order in the society but reverse was the case yesterday in the Ajegunle area of Lagos s three police men engaged in a battle of the fittest along the Lagos-Abekokuta express way putting the lives of hundreds of Nigerian in danger as they exchanged blows with their AK 47 riffles held carelessly in their hands.

People were seen running for their lives as the fight got so messy to the extent they dragged themselves to the ground to finish the fight.

The three heavy weight champions are corporals serving in the elite Mobile Police Force.

They did not born anybody well to go and try stop the fight as they were afraid of the guns they were holding before they blast off the person's life.

No one know's the cause of the fight but I have a question for you all WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE CAUSE OF THE FIGHT?
Please leave your comments........

Have a blessful weekend and alway TREND back here for more........


idowu babajide samuel said...

what else wanna cause a fight between three thieves than money.(#20)

esther said...


Anonymous said...

ose!! one don go chop the other one 20 bucks e nor wan pay again. Lmao!! saving this pics so i can humour myself when neccessary. lol