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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waiting to Experience The Experience Lagos 2011

I turned on my radio this morning and caught the The Experience 2011 jingle. I had since zeroed my mind to the usual venue – TBS and had been making noise about it in the office since the beginning of the month;, but after hearing the radio jingle say something like "Eko Hotel", I had to head on to their website to confirm my doubts.

Lo and behold its true, venue is New Eko Hotel, Expo Centre, V/I Lagos

THe next thing that crossed my mind was: hope its not Boko Haram that scared the Experience Lagos 2011 organizers indoors this time.

Besides, there is now a ticket requirement?

What is the capacity of the Eko Hotel venue?

Their ticketting web application is presently not working. If anyone knows how to get a ticket, pls holla back by leaving comments.