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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TelecomsCompare Lets You Compare Voice and Data Tariffs

Ever wanted to compare tariffs from mobile operators in Nigeria and can’t stand the trouble of visiting each of their sites? Or you’d like to know which voice or data packages provide the best deal for your money? wants to help you make faster and better choices as to which telecommunications service are perfect for your needs and most importantly which service provider offers pocket-friendly services.
For example, if you’re looking for the right Blackberry plan for your needs and which mobile operator offers the best all in one place, simply go to the Blackberry Service section and select which plans you want to compare by clicking the check box to your right.

Then click the compare button below and it would display the rates, benefits and disadvantages of each of the plans from the mobile operators.

Arguably the first comparison website for telecommunication services in Nigeria, is a reliable and effective way of keeping tabs with best offers on voice and data plans for local and international tariffs.

 Content  courtesy of  techloy