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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Phone That's Only a Phone and cost N9,250,000

This phone here is like any other normal phone. Despite its stern Scandinavian design and horrifying price tag, it does barely anything at all. All it does is just clear voice calls and text messaging No extras like GPS, E-mails, social networking not even camera. It's a phone you don't want to be stuck with on a desert island.

The Æsir - named after the Norse gods - is, according to the company's CEO, 'an anti-smartphone'. But unlike rivals (ie, nouveau-riche favourite Vertu) it isn't just a posh 'skin' for another phone. It took three years to design, it is made from watch-grade material by European craftsmen, and everything down to the ring tones has been designed specially for it. 

That may be a slim consolation when you look at the smoking ruins of your bank account, of course.  This model costs £6,400 (N1.6million) and the gold-plated one is £37,000 (N9,250,000).